In Grimani (also, hello again!)

capturing the ceiling painting in a mirror in Palazzo Grimani in Venice

Time to resurface, for a moment. My life continues to be too busy for my own good, but it will get better (hah!). In the meantime, I’ve worked out a way to share my projects, adventures and inspiration with you that doesn’t take up too much time, by posting photos on scheduled posts. That way I can work on a couple of posts when I find time and let them get posted once or twice a week.

It will be mostly from projects from my first year at Sint Lucas, from my tiny Grand Tour to Venice and Paris in September, and some bits and things from my Master in Art Studies (which I’m working on this year). Probably kitties too, as you know I can’t leave them out!

For now: one of the highlights of my holiday was Ritsue Mishima’s exhibition In Grimani. She works with glass blowers on robust vessels and objects, and places them in historical environments like this 17th Century Venetian Palazzo. It was fantastic!

More on Mishima on art tube.

Mirror table that reflected the ceiling painting
reflections and windows
entrance to Palazzo Grimani


I’ve been infected!!! Oh noooooooooo, what to do? They’re all over me!! Get them off! Get them off! HELP! HELP! Help. HELP!!! HELP! H…


You know what, you could help me, actually…

Why eh…won’t you take some of this infection and eh… spread it yourself? Eh? Eh? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink?

There’s a fine choice of viruses:

infected! viruses

And bacteria:


Or maybe you prefer these lovely blood cells:

infected! red blood cells

There are even white ones:

infected! white blood cells

And just really cute cells:

infected! cute little cells

Who knew getting infected was so much fun? And spreading the infection even better?!


It’s no use resisting, these are cells and viruses and bacteria that you’ll actually want to show off.


Brought to you by yours truly in a healthy fit of of silliness. All infectious goodness on Etsy and Flickr!

What’s in a name?

Big news: I’ve decided to drop artemissne as a name for my creations, and to just use my own. A big step! 😉

Artemissne has kept me company for about 3 years, and was linked with the screen name I had adopted before: missne. Missne was an elfin character from my favorite children’s book by Inger Edelfeldt -mysterious, unknown and perfect for my online life and the rediscovery of my own identity.

logo evolution

So when my creativity started leading its own life, I thought it deserved a name of its own too, a small jump to artemissne. There you had Artemis, missne, and art in it. I liked it.

I designed the logo at that time -a spiral reminding me of my love of fossils and all kinds of stones as a child, natural forms and patterns that still inspire me.

Sometimes you need to take another name to grow into your own. That’s what happened, crazy as it may sound: I’m ready to use my own name for my creations. Call me a late bloomer. 🙂

So practically that means I’m changing all the artemissne extensions on most websites to kristienberghs, and I apologize beforehand for the bookmark updating troubles. I’ll update with a list on this blog.

Aarghh remains aarghh though, so you don’t have to worry about the mothership. I don’t intend to change the name of my homepage, it has been with me since I first set foot in virtual space in 2001. It refers to a castle in my favorite Monty Python film, and to the various sounds I make when either burning my fingers in the flame, touching hot glass, cutting myself on glass, sanding or sawing or filing off my fingers, nails, nose (1 occasion). That’s what you’ll get from playing with fire! :-p