ghost cat

ghost cat
ghost cat!

…or how a full moon sheds light on the netherworld as well. Or not? Jack -yes, Jack!!- came by on his daily nightly walk and obligingly posed for about half of the shutter time of the camera.

He’s by the way fully recovered from his scary face wound.  Two years ago I was able to lure him into my house when he was wounded and wild, and get him to the vet to get treated (and neutered as well…). When he came back he settled at my friend & neighbour’s house and became a happy, food loving cat. For some reason he’s not too keen to visit my home again, LOL! Too many veterinary memories… 😉

Winter tales

The dark days don’t ask for much, just a rocking chair, a hot beverage, a purring cat and a good book…

I was lucky to find a 2nd hand copy of The armless maiden, a book I’ve been searching for a long time! One of the authors signed it for its previous owner, who also scribbled across the margins here and there. I don’t mind at all -I love these little messages in 2nd hand books!

 When I was ten, I discovered a library book with messages in it; a previous reader had commented on the story and was reaching out to the next reader(s)… of course I didn’t dare to write in a library book (yeah, like I was such an angel, LOL), but I was extremely tempted to do so! Imagine a secret circle of kids communicating through scribbles in library books… I even suspected the librarian didn’t erase the notes because she silently approved of it! 😉

What would our own books be without those little notes? It makes them ours, doesn’t it? I am a fervent scribbler myself, though just in my own, deemed “work” books. And actually, the oldest piece of Dutch is one of those scribbles in a 10th century manuscript.

Also reading: The forest in folklore and mythology by Alexander Porteous and Warming the stone child, an audiobook by Clarissa Pinkola Estés on my I-pod. These are my winter tales…


talisvrouw necklaces
pretty in peridot – Dawanda (talisman-talisvrouw series)

Yay, I listed some new necklaces and earrings on Etsy and Dawanda! It does make me happy when I do, ’cause I haven’t found a rhythm to do this on a regular basis yet. I’m in awe of artists who can -for me there’s work or school that comes first inevitably, and then there’s a loooooong road from the initial idea to the final finished and listed piece of jewelry. Mostly because of practical reasons like the studio still being built up (and the house being renovated) to finding the right (natural) light to photograph and finally, health reasons too. Although I have been feeling stronger than before (touch wood!), that chronic fatigue still requires me to take things easy.

duizendbloem - morrocan blue
morrocan blue – etsy (from the duizendbloem series)

So some of the items you see here, finally finished and ready to set out into the world find their beginnings more than a year or so ago! Go figure.

This one for example, is part of the fairy tale fragments series, which I introduced back in june but only got around finishing a week or so ago. This one is all silver, fused and forged, with gemstones depicting melting ice and blossom petals (please view full size on flickr!):

emerging (through sunlight)
emerging – etsy -and all about Persephone!

I wish I could stop restraining myself and just throw myself into creating full time, but that wouldn’t be wise in these economically challenging times…so short, bright bursts it is then…

more bubbles!
budding green – etsy

And there’s one more thing: a film tip: Let the right one in. Swedish. A boy and a girl and their friendship (OMG so sweet!). And the occasional severed head (she’s a vampire after all).

Loved it. 😉

de schele Rosse -a cat’s tail

I really ought to be studying… but I just had to tell you about this!

I found myself immersed in a new “project” all of a sudden. He’s called “de schele Rosse” -a not so nice name for redheads, only in his case it’s a fitting description: he’s got a squint and he’s well, ginger…

I first met him a couple of weeks ago. Living near the city’s end with a park & community gardens nearby we sometimes get visits from dumped cats. He caught my attention because he’s quite vocal, telling his life’s history as he walks by…
He had his squint already back then, it looked like a bad scratch from a fight but otherwise he seemed ok with it. And as he was weary of humans I couldn’t approach him anyway. He’s also very much unneutered, can’t go 5 steps before marking his territory…Poor thing. :-p

He came in at dusk & dawn to eat at my cat cracker self service. LOL.

A week or more ago I noticed he had dirt or something hanging from the right side of his throat (you can see it on the photo as well), but a couple of days later I saw it from behind and it proved to be quite a nasty cut! Another fight? A dog or other predator maybe (besides loose dogs there aren’t any here, unless you count pretty fierce rabbits…)? Luckily he didn’t seem to be bothered by it that much. Still it looked pretty serious, gaping wound and all (sorry for the visual!).

I realized he had to go to the vet to get it mended, but how to catch a semi-feral hormonal tomcat? So the past few days I have been cat whispering the best I could, letting him get used to my presence and over the days sitting just a little closer…Yesterday I was able to pet him, and discovered he was well used to that!
That’s a good thing, means he is well used to humans and can learn to trust again…

Then this morning I discovered that the way to a man’s heart is indeed through his stomach… LOL. I gave him some milk (goat’s milk, didn’t have any other at hand) and he lapped it up as if he was in fast forward! It was very funny. Then he had a meal of fancy canned food and throughout he let me pet him and I stayed near so he learns to associate me with fun and yummy things…before I catch him over a couple of days for his vet visit.

To be continued…

Oh dear, my resolution for 2008 to turn this into a well-written blog with fascinating content really hasn’t happened…yet. Not that I’m not inspired, I’ve got tons of ideas, topics, thoughts to explore… Lots to tell you. 🙂

I just haven’t found the time & energy yet. January was mostly tests & exams (libraryschool, which I passed! Weee!), February was being down with the flu and recovering…

But you know, as usual with ideas, they want to incubate a bit, simmer until they’re done -and you don’t know beforehand when that will be or in what form even.

So remind me to tell you about the Project, which I thought was a whole new thing I had thought of until I opened my sketchbooks from a couple of years back -and there it was. D’oh.

For now I leave you with this poetic & feline bit of video by Gregory Colbert which I picked up some time ago on the Endicott blog: Feather to Fire.

fun with dystopias

I do love me some dystopia.

If you know me a little, you know I embrace my inner geek and watch a lot of Sci-fi with a side of fantasy and horror. It seems as if these genres tell more about the narrator’s vision than others, and dystopias (usually some sort of SF, although LOTR can be one too) even more so, focusing on the negative aspects of a imaginary society to point out a hopefully better one.

It can be quite sad and desperate and woe is the human race, but at the same time it can give a good laugh too. Like why do the buildings always have to look so Art Deco and the bad guys (and good guys too) wear Gestapo uniforms? Dresses and flowy clothes suddenly not convenient anymore? You try to do those combat moves in a stiff uniform, LOL!

Most of them have precious little nature in them, it’s all city and ruins (and space). And for some reason people don’t sweat in the future (although some movies do show the grubbiness of life, thankfully) .

So most of the movies in the list I’ve watched, but I’m really crazy about just a few, like Serenity, 1984, Metropolis of course (trailer), Star Wars (the old trilogy pretty please…), THX 1138 (you’ll never think about Bach’s opening choir of the Mattheus Passion quite the same… 😉 ), Fahrenheit 451 (Oskar Werner who played Montag, the main character, had also played Mozart in a 50’s bio pic and I used to have quite a crush on him!)(I was about 12… 😉 ), the Matrix, Blade Runner, La cité des enfants perdus (Director Jeunet being of my favorites, cf Amélie Poulain), Dark city (a classic with a dreamcast, and a creepy kid in said gestapo uniform… :-p director Proyas made The Crow and I, Robot as well) and my recent discovery of Himmel über Berlin (I saw City of Angels when it came out, but boy am I glad it didn’t compare to this -at all! what were they thinking?!).

And that’s just a few movies, don’t even get me started on literature! 😉