Project Patchwork: artemissne goes glass fusing!

This is why I fell in love with glass: it’s so versatile. Work it cold, work it hot and then cold again. Paint, glue, etch, poke, melt, pull and cut it…Glass looks fantastic!

One of the things I wanted to try out this year with my little Paragon SC3 kiln was fusing glass and it didn’t take long to get this idea of combining both lampwork and fusing techniques: constructing a patchwork quilt from square patches of glass covered with murrini and millefiori. Pretty little flowers and patterns, lively colors, lacy effects, lines and dots and waves, all in a busy yet harmonious, transparant whole of a glass quilt. Can you picture it, catching sunlight? 😀

So these are my very first fusing tests. I fused them as lightly as I could: just so that glass pieces stick together and the edges are softened a little.
I used this antique green glass, salvaged from an old leaded glass window. Because I didn’t know what COE it had and if it was compatible with anything else, I only used pieces of itself.

Next time I’m starting with my Italian Effetre glass plate (which was actually the reason why it took me so long to get started: it’s so difficult to find! Glass rods are all over the place, but the plates…not so much.) and some Bullseye (which has lots of plates but the rods are rare -at least here in Europe).

To be continued…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!