Lost at E minor*

A musical analysis due tomorrow:  The 1st part, an Allegro poco, from Vivaldi’s bassoon concerto RV 484 in E minor. Have a listen:

I used to be good at this! Now I’m mostly staring at the black mass of notes with a rather puzzled expression on my face. Authentic cadences where? I-IV-V-I which way? My musical abilities are getting rusty! Oh well, I’ll just have to work a little harder than before (and I’m not quite used to that…LOL).

It’s for one of the few musicological courses left on my curriculum for my BA in musicology which I hope to get next (school) year. I’m considering to take on another major, in Fine Arts so I could at least do some research on glass, but I’ll have to find out if that’s realistic.

*Lost a E Minor is actually a blog on art & design! If you’re in need of inspiration and food for thought, that’s the place to be.

I’d better get off the internets and back to work now…

and now for something slightly different…


I made a collage.

I know I should be studying, but I always tend to get inspired in these exam or study periods… Of course I’m not supposed to give in to it, so most ideas get scribbled down a sketchbook. But it is tempting, and now and then I have to let myself go a little…

With glass, metal and fire lacking I have to do with what I can find. Quite literally: this is a little collage made out of a handful of thorns, 3 butterflies, 2 bees, 4 cat’s whiskers (probably Yang’s and Shelley’s), a bumblebee, a mosquito and a pupa. I’ve collected them over the years, they died of natural causes (or quasi natural, as one of the butterflies was trod on by a toddler :-/ ).
I love the organic shape of wings, of thorns, of whiskers…They seem perfect even though each one is different.

The work wasn’t all that different from gluing murrine on a sheet of glass -only, with such light wings I had to take care not to breathe to hard! V-e-r-y delicate work. But boy it felt good! And now I I’m satisfied and can get back to the books. Until the next idea strikes… 😉

purrfect interlude

So…what do you do when you’re stressing out over your impending college exams?

– take cat pictures.

– cuddle cats.
– record purring! Here’s Yin and Isaura. There should be relaxation CDs with nothing but cat purring! Although they do sound a bit like heavy engines, come to think of it…hehe.
– repeat as needed.
– pass exams. 
I did it ! I passed the 1st semester of Art History. Now on to the next…

anything but homework!

So Helium Vola released their new cd and it is awesome…a cover with rusty old grubby things, the crystal clear voice of Sabine Lutzenberger and the wicked vision of Ernst Horn who mixes medieval music and electronic avantgarde like it’s nothing…
I saw him live at an accoustic Deine Lakaien concert a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile I’m drowning in homework, struggling to finish the report of my library training a month ago in the public library of Ghent…

So naturally I find time to make pictures of the blooming garden and the kitties. Hrmph. Better get back to it…

See ya.