desktop calendar for January

(click picture to download)

Happy 2016! Here you go, a bright new look for your computer desktop!

I want to breathe new life into a little project that I had to abort way too soon because of college work… but now the end is in sight, and I hope you will like the new glassy inspirations I’m cooking up for you this year!

Just like before, the desktop image uses a white background with a handwritten calendar for the month, and I’ve added the most important moon phases too: ○ full moon & ● new moon.

The resolution is 2560×1600, which should fit most computer screens.

This blue chunk of glass is a treasure I picked up in Venice (when I visited the city in 2013), on the “glass island” Murano . It has been molten and hotworked with in the glass blowing studios. This is part of the waste, actually, but don’t you think it looks like a gemstone?

Venice without Biennale

sun shining through the lace curtains in our room @ Casa Orfeo
(wonderful guesthouse in the Cannaregio!)
textures in Venice
weathered lion on the Santa Maria delle Salute
textures in Venice
glass chandelier and ceiling in a palazzo
gate in Murano (what a waste of perfectly good tools! :-p)
Sta Maria dei Miracoli (arch. Pietro Lombardo 1480)

textures in Venice
unfinished façade