portrait of the goldfish as a young uhmm…


Here he is, among friends!

I did finish the necklace a couple of days ago but the pictures I had taken with my new (2nd hand) Nikon D40 camera weren’t quite as I had hoped for (teaches me for playing with it without consulting the manual! :-p) -so I went back to my trusty old one to take these. Just to take these. I’ll show you what pretties the new one can make…another night. 😉

And even though I haven’t quite gone public with announcing my dawanda shop yet (besides this blog), two friends had already discovered it and surprised me with buying something at almost the same moment! That made me very happy. 😉 Thanks for your encouragement, you know who you are.

target practise!

Now that I’ve got this cute little microtorch up and running I can do some soldering again (I experi- mented a little with my basic plumber’s torch last year but that bushy flame was hard to control so I left it at that until I found this little torch), and one of my first “victims” was this little fish…he looks as if he’s fully aware of that… :-p

Don’t worry, he survived! LOL.

Today he became part of a new fishy necklace. You’ll soon see more of that!

lucky fish!

No new jewels just as yet but here’s a new photo of my lucky goldfish!

lucky fish on a dark background

Oh, and I did finish the papers for library school on time. Sort of… :-p I’m really not used to writing anymore. Oh well, I just have to stick it out for a year & then I can hang around in libraries professionally, yay! 😉