…and a great day it was: dag van de ambachten 2009

So this was it then, a day dedicated to the arts & crafts at the generous hospitality of G & Q of Glassworks! See the pictures, taste the atmosphere… Didn’t think we would get that many visitors and i even sold some of my pieces! That was a happy surprise, as I’m not a good seller and feeling sort of awkward when I have to talk about my own pieces. But it’s so rewarding to see people fall in love with them! 🙂

Griet & Quinton had organized it all, transforming the studio into a gallery, with arrow signs on the road leading you to it, up to roaring hot fire heater elements and yummy tea & soup for us hungry artists. And then they had their hands full with demo’ing and introducing people to the Wonderful Way of the Lampworking Artist! And the dogs, Edward & Emma, did a great job of course being just themselves… 😉

And it was fun to meet Claudia, such a skilled lampwork and jewelry artist! Her work is so incredibly detailed and expressive, it is amazing! We did an earring swap at the end of the day and I chose this adorable pair with a tiny daisy on the one and a small green leaf on the other earring, and I haven’t taken them off yet! 😀

I was happy to be there with my Mom, who took all the pictures and did so much behind the scenes…The day flew by so quick, so I forgot to take her picture of course! But I promised to make her a necklace instead. 😉

Last/not least: I was also glad I was able to be up on my feet all day -which is still quite hard, energy-wise. I was dead-tired at the end but so far seem to have recovered well enough. I have to touch wood, but my chronic fatigue seems to be getting better, little by little. I’ve been feeling this for the last 6 months or so. I still have to be careful of course, but I’m so glad I don’t have to keep condemning myself to a completely secluded, asocial life all the time! 🙂

So, three cheers for the Dag van de Ambachten!

dag van de ambachten @ glassworks!

The wonderful G & Q from glassworks invited me (artemissne) and Claudia Trimbur-Pagel (glasting) to their open studio on Dag van de Ambachten (Crafts Day) next Sunday feb 8! There will be demos (glassblowing, lampworking, a little bit of goldsmithing) and much rejoicing…

Het atelier van G & Q (glassworks) staat volgende zondag (8/2/2009) voor jullie open naar aanleiding van de Dag van de Ambachten en Claudia Trimbur-Pagel (glasting) en ik (artemissne) zijn er ook bij! Komt dat zien! 😀 Demonstraties glasblazen (parels, heuse marbles -want zeg nooit zomaar knikker tegen een marble…), fusen, goudsmeden en een heleboel pret in een prachtig golvend landschap vlak aan de taalgrens. Zeker een bezoek waard!

Jullie zijn welkom van 10 tot 17u aan Akrenbos 101, 1547 Bever (zie kaartje).

Tot dan!