Remember that tub full of tulip bulbs in October? After a whole winter underground, they’ve been popping up and one by one they’re starting to bloom… Different types of tulips means they all have their own internal clock, some have started blooming early and some are still waking up… It’s fun to discover who’s up next!

1  It started with snow drops, crocuses, intensely fragrant hyacinths and then the narcissus…

bulbs! blooming and everything!

The front garden is by far not finished yet, but is already looking a lot more cheerful than a  year ago. About half of the surface is now covered in tulips and muscari! Shades of blue, pink, salmon and purple (and dark red which I thought would be black!).

bulbs! blooming and everything!

  • The white ones at the front with purple streaks are Tulipa Flaming Flag,
  • the dark red ones are Tulipa Ronaldo -both are blooming in their second year
  • the glorious & tall salmon pink ones are Tulipa Van Eijk
  • the pale pink ones are Candy Prince and their purple counterpart Purple Prince
  • for some reason there was a row of stray yellow-red tulips that bloomed first, making a mess of my color scheme! LOL

bulbs! blooming and everything!

bulbs! blooming and everything!I’m not sure what these red ones are either, but the pure white tulips scattered here and there are Tulipa Purissima and Candy Prince are the pink ones…

More photos at flickr and you can follow my tulipo- and other gardenmania on Pinterest!

bulbs! Tulipa "Van Eijk"
Big and gorgeous Van Eijk Tulip

flashy and fresh

This is a piece of bread I baked some time ago with a good dose of turmeric, which gives it this lovely bright shade of yellow… just in case you wondered in my last post how it looked like. The juicy redness on top is beet salad, and there’s a buttercup and a leaf of melissa officinalis. Hopefully I can get into the bread baking thing again soon, once the kitchen is done!

more colorful food!


I’ve been infected!!! Oh noooooooooo, what to do? They’re all over me!! Get them off! Get them off! HELP! HELP! Help. HELP!!! HELP! H…


You know what, you could help me, actually…

Why eh…won’t you take some of this infection and eh… spread it yourself? Eh? Eh? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink?

There’s a fine choice of viruses:

infected! viruses

And bacteria:


Or maybe you prefer these lovely blood cells:

infected! red blood cells

There are even white ones:

infected! white blood cells

And just really cute cells:

infected! cute little cells

Who knew getting infected was so much fun? And spreading the infection even better?!


It’s no use resisting, these are cells and viruses and bacteria that you’ll actually want to show off.


Brought to you by yours truly in a healthy fit of of silliness. All infectious goodness on Etsy and Flickr!

sunsets & summer trees…

During the week of holidays after my college exams I was able to retreat to the studio for a couple of days, for the first time since September. I guess it’s a good thing the studio is in Ronse and not in Ghent, or I would be there all the time instead of working for school! 😉

As usual, I had many ideas, but I didn’t have all that much time. So instead of rushing to try to realize those ideas, I worked on a couple of pieces that I had started in Feb. 2010, from a batch of glass cabs I had made in the summer of 2009. It was nice to finally get around finishing these! Or at least these three, as I didn’t get to finish  the whole pile…

In other news, you can find them on Etsy!

I called this series essence (on flickr & etsy), because the organic shapes and colors remind me of moments of quietude… Which in these dreary & cold February days mostly means the warmth of summer to me, so here I am again with sunlight and green leaves! 😀 And one starry night too.

sunny green trees brooch
starry night pendant

sunset earrings

glass cabs!