Remember that tub full of tulip bulbs in October? After a whole winter underground, they’ve been popping up and one by one they’re starting to bloom… Different types of tulips means they all have their own internal clock, some have started blooming early and some are still waking up… It’s fun to discover who’s up next!

1  It started with snow drops, crocuses, intensely fragrant hyacinths and then the narcissus…

bulbs! blooming and everything!

The front garden is by far not finished yet, but is already looking a lot more cheerful than a  year ago. About half of the surface is now covered in tulips and muscari! Shades of blue, pink, salmon and purple (and dark red which I thought would be black!).

bulbs! blooming and everything!

  • The white ones at the front with purple streaks are Tulipa Flaming Flag,
  • the dark red ones are Tulipa Ronaldo -both are blooming in their second year
  • the glorious & tall salmon pink ones are Tulipa Van Eijk
  • the pale pink ones are Candy Prince and their purple counterpart Purple Prince
  • for some reason there was a row of stray yellow-red tulips that bloomed first, making a mess of my color scheme! LOL

bulbs! blooming and everything!

bulbs! blooming and everything!I’m not sure what these red ones are either, but the pure white tulips scattered here and there are Tulipa Purissima and Candy Prince are the pink ones…

More photos at flickr and you can follow my tulipo- and other gardenmania on Pinterest!

bulbs! Tulipa "Van Eijk"
Big and gorgeous Van Eijk Tulip

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