desktop calendar for April

Desktop calendar for April – click image to download

Well, maybe I should call this a calendar for mid-April! I’m late (again…) because I’ve spent every free moment I had outside… Ever since I moved to Ronse I find myself drawn to the landscape, the flowing fields and the woods on the hills! I have a few posts ready about my explorations so you can discover this landscape with me.

For the calendar of April I wanted to show you a little work-in-process image of my fur/landscape project. I’ve been searching for a way that worked in translating that soft feeling of fur, a sense of movement as with grass in a field, while still indicating something glasslike and fragile. I’ve come a long way with it, as you can see in the posts from a few months back (november and december). I explain how I came to it in one of upcoming posts; for now, enjoy your calendar!

2 thoughts on “desktop calendar for April

  1. Hello, Kristien! It seems like moss to me or rather like grass, burnt by the hot sun! I suppose it’s quite difficult to create it from glass – you must be very patient and precise!
    It will be interesting for me to see the nature that inspires you! Bye for now!:)


    1. Hi Rossicka! Hehe, yeah you’re right, it doesn’t look very grass-like! It was an experiment with coloured glass which I liked but for the next step I’m going back to colourless glass, which gives more freedom to imagine whatever it can be. 🙂


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