desktop calendar for March


(click image to download)

Oh dear, I’m a little late! Sorry about that. School(s) and a new job have taken over my life again. But here is March, all festive and topsy-turvy!

This fun small blown glass vase was made in the traditional Venetian latticino technique, and for some reason got dumped with a bunch of wine and beer bottles on the streets in Ghent! Crazy. So I rescued it, and now it’s here…

I love how the lines in the back get distorted by the ever so slight relief of the lines on the surface on front.

Maybe the striped pattern was too old-fashioned, too busy. I can understand, Venetian styles are so very kitschy! But at the same time this vase represents a glass blowing technique that requires so much practise and dexterity. This isn’t just a stripy vase to be tucked at the back of the cupboard, or in the attic, but it represents someones dedication to a craft, and shows the tradition it comes from. Even the colours aren’t random but connect to the tradition.

To give you an idea of how this vase was made, here’s a video made in the hotshop of the Corning Museum of Glass of a technique that’s even more virtuoso; it consists of a double row of lines, to mimic lace and is called reticello:


p.s. I want that glass cane guillotine! Hehe.

5 thoughts on “desktop calendar for March

  1. Hello, Kristien! Your post is very interesting, because it opens a new window for me… I understand your passion for glass! Thanks a lot for the image – I’m going to put it on my laptop’s desktop.:) This color combination is so tender.
    Have a lovely March! Here spring has come…:D


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Rossichka! I’m glad you like it and enjoy the calendar! 😀 Yes, nature is starting to wake up here too! I can’t wait to work in the garden again!


    1. Thank you Rossichka, you’re so kind! It was a disrupting event but we carry on… I refuse to let myself be influenced by hate and fear. It will get better again. ❤


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