desktop calendar for February

Desktop calendar for February 2016
(click picture to download)

Here is  subtle-hued February with a detail from one of the tests for my thesis project!

Just like before, the desktop image uses a white background with a handwritten calendar for the month, and I’ve added the most important moon phases too: ○ full moon & ● new moon.

The resolution is 2560×1600, which should fit most computer screens. You can download different sizes from the link.

So here you have a picture of white translucent glass that is sometimes referred to as milk glass or “opaline” (milk glass can also refer to transparent glass with a thin layer of white glass). It was incredibly sought after in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period for its opalescence and color shifts, reminding of opal gemstones and moonstones. One artist that is typically associated with it is René Lalique, who trained as a goldsmith and became a glass artist; a quick search on “Lalique + opalescent” gives you an indication of his range.


Lalique Brooch
A hair slide by René Lalique in the British Museum (London)
in gold, carved horn and opals (photo by me)

This curious glass shifts from yellowish to blue, depending on how the light hits it. You really have to see this for yourself because it’s amazing and mysterious… If you didn’t know better you might think it was just a bland piece of glass, but once it catches light it comes to life! This color shift is known as Raleigh scattering, an optical phenomenon that also explains why the sky is blue.

pâte de verre bowl with Tyndall effect
Light shining through reveals warm tints
pâte de verre bowl with Tyndall effect



lunar essence
Light shining on it reveals the blue! A lampwork and millefiori cab…



lunar essence
…that I made into a pendant back in 2010!

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