and the winner is…


Twelve entries for the give-away! Thank you so much for participating! 😀

Well, 13 comments but one of them was my own, and of course that didn’t count.

(Wouldn’t it be so very silly if I organized this whole give-away and then declared myself the winner? :-p Reminds me of a short story by Hugo Matthysen: the absurd ending of a Poirot case where he has all the main suspects of the murder gathered together, and for every suspect he argues why they had motives but wouldn’t have committed the crime until he finishes his round, and no suspect is found guilty! So they ask him who actually has committed the crime, and Poirot replies with his meager smile and in his terrible French (Walloon) accent: “the murderer… c’est moi!” I thought it was sublimely silly when I was 15…)


The. Winner. Of. The. Bigfatbirthdaybashgiveaway… Is…

Congratulations Yoke!!!!!!! 😀 A yummy, funny, silly and sweet infection is coming your way very soon!

Thanks everyone for playing! 😀

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