Tweeting & tumbling from the Wiener Werkstätte

Josef Hossfeld for the Wiener Werkstaette

Twitter logo origins revealed! Goes back to 1906! 😀

I visited the Wiener Werkstätte exhibition at the Zilvermuseum in Antwerp this weekend.

It was ok.

Of course seeing works of Josef Hoffmann (and others), the collection of silverware designed for the Stoclet and the Wittgenstein family was fantastic, but I wasn’t too happy about the set-up…

The glare of the spotlights was rather annoying (and nothing says clean and sterile like a spotlight! Why not use natural light?! Especially for Art Nouveau/Jugendstil, which is such an organic style), the display cases were very big and the objects small, so it was almost impossible to get a close look. I love to see how the objects are made, what techniques were used…and with such detailed and small work it’s best to be able to see it from real close by so you almost have to squint! And what really put me off were the fake flowers in the exquisite vases. Come on! That’s ridiculous. I guess they had to bring some color to the sterile and monochrome set-up, but the result was rather funereal.

Anyways. The works themselves were inspiring enough! loved the square mazes, the stylized patterns and the delicate chasing/repoussé (like the little bird) and the set semi-precious stones (mostly lapis, carnelian & malachite).


I’ve started tumbling! I’ve been at it since this summer, but wanted to give it a test ride first before I let you know. It’s a blogging service, especially handy to share all sorts of content: quotes, links, pictures, film, audio,… A neat way to share all sorts of little things that I encounter on the web & that inspire me! If you like to follow it you can subscribe, or maybe you do already by following the friendfeed. Or not. 😉

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