Journal of Mythic Arts: you will be missed!

Endicott Studio

Have you ever heard of the Endicott Studio?
Maybe not, but perhaps these names sound familiar: puppet artists Brian & Wendy Froud, authors Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Terri Windling, illustrator Alan Lee. They all contributed to this beautiful and ever fascinating Journal of Mythic Arts issued by the Endicott Studio…of which the last issue has come out just yesterday. It’s online and free to read, watch and be enchanted by it: non-fiction (one’s an article on British forests which I love), short stories, poetry, themes and archetypes in writing, a gallery of all artists who contributed to it…

All on mythology/fairy tales/folk art and contemporary artists/writers/performers! Even though this is the last issue, it’s well worth to explore the rest of the Endicott site, blog and former issues of the Journal.

These kindred spirits have taught and inspired me for years…and you maybe as well?

One thought on “Journal of Mythic Arts: you will be missed!

  1. I have never heard about, but loved to get to know. I had a phase when I read a lot of mythology, and it was by far the time of my life I had the most phantastic dreams, realy amazing, and realy wonderful dreams, that would let on my soul very vivid and strong impressions till now (this was 18 years ago! and I still can remeber them perfectly, with the sensations and so! I will for sure have a look, thanks for the link. Andrea Lima


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