still nothing…

I turned my house upside down, mom her car & her house and she also drove past our route to the station to find any clues, but nothing.

So what I’ve been dreading is probably true: I left it on top of the car, we took off and it must have fallen off somewhere. Somebody might have picked it up, maybe the torrential rain from yesterday afternoon carried it away…

Can you believe it? One moment of absent-mindedness & you lose something very valuable (to yourself).

I understand how it happened, a number of unlucky coincidences. I could hit on myself for letting it happen but I won’t. Having had a couple of very busy days: library school with tests on saturday, then the train to Ronse and the photoshoot on sunday, I had left my backpack in the car and didn’t get it out after the shoot because I was too tired, monday monring we had a new front door installed and during that we went to the train station. So I had to carry all my stuff in my hands, which was a lot, the backpack still in the car, my mom had to go back to fetch her new front door keys while I waited outside with the car still locked…and I placed the bloody box on the car to relieve myself from the weight of all my things. And didn’t think about it anymore until this morning.

Well, nothing a white bordeaux from 2005 won’t solve. And this afternoon I’m starting to create new jewelry.

At least I saved a cat’s life & it all could have been much worse.

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