droomtijd – new blog in the making

You know, that question about what inspired me & I couldn’t answer (a couple of weeks ago when I got interviewed on the indiego), it kept haunting me. Actually it is something that I’ve been wanting to map out for myself for a long time, only I didn’t realize it until I was asked that question…

I had started my little colors/play project site with the new release of my homepage earlier this year which is a nice litte gateway into my inner world, but I haven’t found the time to update much. It takes too long, playing with the webdesign and the graphics/photos… I just didn’t have time! How cruel.

So I thought to make it a little easier on me, and start a blog for it: droomtijd... there I have all the practicality of wysiwyg and my blogger account and the wonderful world of tagging, so no more losing bits of paper with ideas jotted down, everything scattered all over the place, no more excuses! 😀 And as the blog progresses I can add the “best of” of it to my site, as I plan to do with my studio tales (not much tales yet, sorry).

I was surprised that the blogname, droomtijd, wasn’t taken yet. It’s Dutch for dreamtime, or even the Dreaming which I knew was an Aboriginal idea. It is fundamental to their spirituality and has to do with both the creation of the world in their creation myths and the place (not physical) where (Aboriginal) artists find their inspiration. Or at least that’s what I made of it after visiting an exhibition on Aboriginal art years ago.
And I just love the sound of it. Almost wished I could have come up with it before, as my “official” (blog) name is as vague and as misty as possible…which was what I was going for at the time.

By the way, I will explain about artemissne, my art’s name, later. (it’s not that exciting though) Maybe in the new blog, that seems to be appropriate.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I’ve posted anything of substance in there. It may be a couple of weeks before that happens, have got to survive some exams first (library school…) and also a photoshoot by Patrick next sunday! He’s got something mightily decadent planned…oh dear! :-p

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