Ok, this is the experiment: I twitter. Updating little bits of your life as you go (called microblogging), so friends and family can keep track of your life…I heard about it through Felicia’s blog (have you ever watched her webseries The guild?! it’s hilarious) and was quite sceptical at first (why on earth would you want to make public every silly little thing you do? What sandwich you’re having for lunch, etc. ?!) but it kept me thinking…until I realized it might be just the thing for me!

You see, I’m a horrible person to keep in contact with. I’ve been known to reply to mails months after I received them, or even not at all. I used to be moderately active on some forums but I’ve changed into the master lurker. I don’t answer my phone all the time. I even forget to recharge it and discover that only after a few days…

I simply can’t. But don’t think I don’t try! I’m just not a social butterfly. At all. It’s a mixture of being extremely introverted (which isn’t the same as being shy, mind you), high sensitivity, my own creativity and suffering from CFS. I just don’t need other people around me all that much. I either get emotionally/mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted which causes me to shut off and retreat until I feel better, or I’m so submerged in a creative process that I lose track of time. And of course afterwards I also need to recover for a bit, because those processes are always intense, even though I can’t live without them. Maybe I’ll write more about the creative process some other time. So often, when I’m back to being me, a long time has passed without me realizing it.

So I’m giving Twitter a go, see if it works for me.

You can follow my updates in the side bar…

…and thanks for listening (you don’t have to reply, I totally understand! :-p )

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