Oh dear, my resolution for 2008 to turn this into a well-written blog with fascinating content really hasn’t happened…yet. Not that I’m not inspired, I’ve got tons of ideas, topics, thoughts to explore… Lots to tell you. 🙂

I just haven’t found the time & energy yet. January was mostly tests & exams (libraryschool, which I passed! Weee!), February was being down with the flu and recovering…

But you know, as usual with ideas, they want to incubate a bit, simmer until they’re done -and you don’t know beforehand when that will be or in what form even.

So remind me to tell you about the Project, which I thought was a whole new thing I had thought of until I opened my sketchbooks from a couple of years back -and there it was. D’oh.

For now I leave you with this poetic & feline bit of video by Gregory Colbert which I picked up some time ago on the Endicott blog: Feather to Fire.

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