earthy leafy aarghh…

De nieuwe site is er! Het was bijna een jaarlijks ritueel om het uitzicht en deels ook de inhoud van aarghh te veranderen/verbeteren, maar deze keer denk ik dat het wel wat langer in deze vorm gaat blijven!

Jippie, the new & improved website is finally online! I’ve worked on it since november or so, only never full time, just bits and pieces that I was finally able to glue together last week. (Being down with flu can give all sorts of inspirations…!)
And I love the new look! Well, I’d better because I worked hard on it… it’s earthy and organic and tactile …and more importantly, you can finally surf through the whole thing without ending up before closed doors: web pages I intended to make or to finish since aeons but never quite got to it, or getting lost in the forest where I had just pages opening up to new realms, with links on it that didn’t get you home again unless you used your browser’s back button all the time… Nope: some structure, at last! Yay.

You know, a personal website can be organic, growing in certain places and retreating in others…mine started out as a challenge: when I finally got internet in 2001, Lotte asked me jokingly when my site would be online…I was so surprised, had hardly gotten my toes wet, still marveling at everything I encountered (“oh look, an animated gif!!!” -you know…) when she patiently taught me the basics and some photoshop and then suddenly…I ended up on aarghh. :-p The website sure has been a playground for me ever since!
I have the feeling this new coat is a keeper -the looks and contents have changed quite often over the years because the purpose of the site changed, in 2001 I wouldn’t have dreamt I’d be where I am now and so the site changed from personal growth/survivor page into this artist site. And it feels damn good. 😉

One little project within the site is play, where I got to put some of the remains of the site’s former form. It’s just a start but I’m having lots more wild ideas for it (well, what’s new! LOL): colour as an affect, an archetype of something, as a sound and a smell…

P.S. I don’t have all the English translations up yet, on the bio page and the one on the jewelry collections, sorry about that! Working on it. 😉

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