Sushi and Patrick and Betta

Right -updating isn’t my strongest point, I know…bear with me. 😉

More than a week ago I posted in the Dutch side of this blog about the loss of Sushi, one of my cats. And mainly because I didn’t feel up to it I haven’t posted it here yet. The last days I stayed up with her all night so you can imagine I was exhausted…She had a lung condition. The vet put her to sleep in the end, there wasn’t much quality of life anymore for her…but it sucks to have to take that decision. Still, I got to say my goodbyes, and despite her severe illness (she barely could move in the end) our last moments together were good and intense.

But there’s also positive news, like the photoshoot I did with Patrick! He was in search of a model, I found a new means to show my jewellery…this was our first shoot, there will probably be others. A very exciting new world! And posing for photos isn’t as easy as t looks, especially if you’re as self-conscious about yourself as I am…but the results are well worth it!

And I bought a new lampworking torch, a Bethlehem Betta, to be installed in my “new” studio (my mom offered me a room in her house)! It won’t be installed before August 14 probably, so I need to be a bit more patient. (It’s hard to find qualified people to do this)

Also, I found a cheap copy of Allende’s Daughter of Fortune. Just the summer book I need. Weee!

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